What is the right age for investing ?


According to me when a person is old enough to get an understanding of his personal finances then he has definitely acquired that right age for investing . It is always advised that learning anything new is easier during younger age. Similarly learning investment strategies at a younger age is more profitable and easier. But it also depends on individual interest and curiosity of a person.
When to invest?:

Legal age to enter into any legal contract and trade in stock markets is 18 years as stated by the government. But if this age is not attained and a person wants to invest than there are substitutes available. For Example Certificates of deposits are the investment made in the name of minor. It is safe and is purchased by adults and is held until the maturity is attained. Stocks can also be purchased by parents for their children in order to secure their future and attract them to this field in their coming future.

I recommend starting investing in stock market when a person graduates and starts earning. This is right time because the person becomes mature enough deal with risk factor involved in this field.  Monthly fixed investment plan with organization such as Sharebilder or an IRA are good to begin with.

Process of investing:

According to financial experts emergency fund should be saved before investing in short term or long term trading. Also risk bearing capacity should be analyzed beforehand. Investor should be well equipped to manage his/her basic expenses well for at least six means. After taking care of emergency fund next in the line is the retirement funds which should be saved. When both these funds are well managed then investor should think of investing in stock market. Initial amount should not be huge one but small amounts say $100 per month. It should not be more than 2 to 5 % of the individual income. It is observed that investors decide to start with index fund. This is so because this fund is not that volatile and also understanding of assessing the value and safety of an investment is not required.

Hence we conclude that going slowly and investing quality time in getting through the loopholes of investments help investors in making maximum profits. Investing can also become a hobby as well as a high profile career for the trained professionals.

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3 years ago

There are only three things you can count on when you start investing. No matter what age you begin, you will have to contend with risk, taxes and inflation.

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