What Is PMS (Portfolio Management System)

An investor considering investment in securities faced with the problem of choosing securities from a large number of securities. His choice depends upon the risk- return characteristics of individual securities. He would attempt to choose the most desirable securities and like to allocate his fund over this group of securities. Again he faced with the problem of deciding which securities to hold and how much he should invest in each.
An investor invest his funds in a portfolio excepting to get a good return consistent with the risk that he has to bear. The return realized from the portfolio has to be measured and performance of the portfolio has to be evaluated.As the economic and financial environment keep changing, the risk-return characteristics of individual securities as well as portfolio also change this called for periodic review and revision of investment portfolio investor.
Portfolio management comprises all the processes involved in the creation and maintenance of an investment portfolio.
Its deals specifically with  Securities Analysis & Securities Selection,  Portfolio analysis , Portfolio Selection,Portfolio Revision , Portfolio Evaluation.
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