Tips For Childproofing Your Home

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No house that has children living inside it can escape from the inevitable mess that normally accompanies children. Once a baby starts to learn how to crawl, your house will never be the same again. Before you even start worrying about the mess that children make and before your child get to that crawling stage, it is very important to start thinking about how safe your home is for your child.

Childproofing your home is an important step in making sure that your house is safe and secure for your baby. It does not matter whether you have a condo or DMCI designed your home, every house that has a child will benefit from any kind of childproofing. To help you prepare your own home for it to be safe for your children, below are some childproofing tips.

  • Make use of tools and gadgets. You are lucky that you live in a time when there are already a lot of products that are designed for childproofing. Get some socket covers, cupboard locks, corner guards, and the likes. Use these well especially in areas where your child often stays.
  • Go down to your child’s level. It can be quite difficult for an adult to identify problem areas unless you are as small as your child. Something as harmless as the space between two pieces of furniture may seem like the perfect climbing area to an exploring one-year-old. The only way to be more accurate in determining and identifying areas that need to be childproofed is to literally go down to the level of your child and look around.
  • Keep everything out of reach. The safest and most secure level in childproofing your house is to keep everything out of reach. Only age-appropriate toys should be within your child’s reach. Check the edges of your tables, chairs, cabinets, dressers, bookcases, and the like. Make sure that stubby little fingers cannot reach for anything that is near the edge of your furniture.
  • Make use of safety gates and playpens. If you can afford it, it is worth it to invest in a safety gate or a playpen especially if there is only one person looking after your child most of the time. A safety gate or a playpen will help make your child’s space smaller, allowing you to better control of his environment. Childproofing a smaller area is definitely easier than childproofing your whole home, although it is also safer if you childproof your whole home anyway.
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