IIFL Securities Review

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India Infoline Securities Pvt. Ltd. (IIFL Securities) is a leading full-service Share Brokerage firm. Presently, IIFL ranks among the top 10 full-service stock brokers in India. 

Moreover, IIFL is the first Indian Stock Broker to get the membership of the Colombo Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Exchange.

Above all, the company has various international offices in Singapore, London, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, etc.

Furthermore, it is one of the leading depository participants (DPs) with National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services Limited (CDSL).

IIFL is specifically focused on trading rather than offering banking services. Therefore, it doesn’t provide the 3-in-one facility simultaneously.

In this article, we will share everything about the IIFL Securities, including its services, brokerage, margin, trading software, and many more. 

Therefore, it will certainly help you to decide whether you should choose IIFL platform for trading or not.

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iifl securities review

Major achievements by IIFL Securities

  • Firstly, IIFL is awarded as the ‘Best Broker with Global Presence’ at the BSE IPF.
  • IIFL Home Finance Ltd. received as the “Best Housing Finance Company” in 2018
  • During the journey, the company is also accredited with Qadat Al Tagheer Award under the “Best Financial Advisory services”

Broking services by IIFL Securities

The IIFL stock broking company offers multiple services related to investments and trading. For example 

  • Equity trading
  • Currency trading
  • Commodity trading 
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Mutual Funds
  • Forex
  • Initial Public Offers (IPOs) 
  • Insurance
  • Bonds

Account Opening Fee and AMC Of IIFL Securities

Considering, IIFL charges the trading account opening as a one-time fee of Rs. 750 with free AMC. And, they offer free Demat account with AMC of Rs. 400 annually.

In view of making the trading accessible for everyone, the company charges the low account opening charges as below:

Trading Account 
Account opening chargesOnetime Fee Rs. 750
Annual maintenance charges (AMC)Free
Demat Account 
Account opening chargesFree
Annual maintenance charges (AMC)Rs. 400 per annum

Brokerage Of IIFL Securities

In comparison to other Stock Brokers, IIFL offers 3 different brokerage plans. The users are free to choose any plan for opening the account. Afterward, they can also switch plans. 

  • The Flat Brokerage Plan (FBP)
  • The Variable Brokerage Plan (VBP) and
  • The Value-added Subscription Plan (VAS)

The Flat Brokerage Plan (FBP)

The IIFL Flat Brokerage Plan (FBP) has a fixed % brokerage on the total traded value. Consequently, the charges areas:

Intra-day both side0.05%
Delivery (Normal) settlement​0.50%
Trade for Trade and Z group scrip0.75%
Brokerage (FUTURES) both side0.05%
Brokerage (OPTIONS) MinimumHigher of 1% of Premium or Rs.100/- per lot
Minimum per share BrokerageRs. 0.05

The Variable Brokerage Plan (VBP)

The IIFL variable brokerage plan levies the brokerage depending upon the monthly volumes of the trade. Even more, the company has specified the brokerage slabs as per the monthly trade volume.

The brokerage will be based on your volume achieved in the last 20 trading days (including the current trading day) as per the exchange trading calendar.

Delivery Cash Volume

Monthly Volume (in lacs)Delivery Brokerage Rate (in %)

Intraday Cash Volume

Monthly Volume (in lacs)Rate (in %)

Futures Volume

Monthly Volume (in lacs)Intraday (in %)Settlement (in %)

Options Volume

Monthly Premium Volume (in lacs)Intraday
(in %)
(in %)
Min Brokerage per lot
Min Brokerage per lot
Upto 4 lacs2.52.5100100

The Value-added Subscription Plan (VAS)

This is the advanced plan, where IIFL offers 7 different subscription plans. The plan is suitable for those who trade frequently. You can choose the subscription depending upon your need from the below chart.

Subscription FeeRs.1000Rs.2000Rs.5000Rs.10000Rs.25000Rs.50000Rs.100000
Options1% of premium or Rs.70 per lot whichever is higher0.50% of premium or Rs.60 per lot whichever is higher1% of premium or Rs.90 per lot whichever is higher1% of premium or Rs.70 per lot whichever is higher0.50% of premium or Rs.60 per lot whichever is higherFlat Rs.40 per lotFlat Rs.20 per lot
Minimum Brokerage (Per Share)Rs.0.05Rs.0.03Rs.0.05Rs.0.05Rs.0.03Rs.0.01Rs.0.01
Plan Validity1 month1 month12 months12 months12 months12 months12 months

IIFL Securities Margin

The investor who like to trade in large volume for them IIFL gives following margin to trade in Indian Stock market.

Equity DeliveryUpto 3x
Equity IntradayUpto 20x
Equity FutureUpto 3x
Equity OptionsFor shorting up to 3x
Currency FutureUpto 2x
Currency Options2x for shorting
Commodity FutureUpto 3x

IIFL Securities Trading Softwares/Apps

TTWeb: Website trading Platform

TTWeb Website is terminal-based trading. Users can access it straight away on any laptop or smartphone rather than following the download and installation process.

The terminal has every feature regarding daily trade, live market updates, and charts for analyzing. Moreover, you can trade in any segment here i.e., Cash, IPOs, Currency, FNO, etc. So, you are free to choose the segments also.

Secondly, the platform is suitable for high-speed order execution and confirmations. Recently, the company added the “Second Factor Authentication” feature to enhance trading security.

Login To TTWeb

Trader Terminal Desktop Trading App:

Another powerful trading platform is the Trader Terminal Desktop app. For using this terminal, the users need to download the trader terminal.

Regarding its performance, it is designed with advanced tools for better performance with various benefits such as Real-time market updates, Global buy/sell window, Fast and secured orders execution, etc.

Download Trade Terminal Desktop Trading App

IIFL Markets Mobile Trading App

The first popular choice for trading among the users is always the mobile app. It also has its IIFL Markets App for stock trading. The app has in-depth analyses, line charts, live stock prices, market watchlist, and many more features. 

Features of IIFL Securities:

  • Daily stock tips based on the research and stock analysis.
  • Prices alert notifications especially for booking and closing orders
  • Explicitly detailed information about every company
  • Monitor the global market at a single platform rather than flipping sites
  • Smart investor tools such as shares screens, super start portfolio, latest events, etc.

Download IIFL Market Mobile APP

TT Iris:

IIFL Securities brings the best stock market decision-making software. At the same time, it also offers advanced charting and comprehensive technical analysis tools.

Traders can create and test the Strategy on a group of scrips in the software. Simultaneously, they can search and trade in the stocks that are perfectly matching their securities. 

Download TT Iris

IIFL Mutual Funds App

IIFL Mutual Funds App is a one-stop solution for all Mutual funds solutions. Regardless of the device, you can use it with a good internet connection.

Users can perform functions such as quick SIP, analyze their fund’s performance, get the latest MF-related news, and use advanced Mutual fund screeners.

Download IIFL Mutual Funds App

Customer support

IIFL provides 24*7 supports through Email and chat. Additionally, the bank has various branches for trading support as well.

Moreover, you can use their toll-free number (1800 3000 1155) to ask any type of information regarding trading.

Advantages of IIFL securities 

  • Fast speed with advanced technology trading  
  • Three different brokerage plans
  • Offers NRI trading
  • Free Equity and MF research 
  • Equity, commodity, and currency trading at one platform
  • Margin funding is available on the basis of personal FDs as collateral.
  • Branch facility for any trading related query

Disadvantages of IIFL Securities

  • High brokerage charges
  • Doesn’t offer a 3-in-1 account
  • Advisory on SMS is chargeable at Rs. 50 per month.
  • IIFL securities charge List 2020


In conclusion, IIFL is the most popular financial and investment service broker in India. With its various customized plans, customers can get the advantage of multiple products depending upon their needs.

However, they don’t offer the banking services, but if you are looking for any financial service offering firm, then it is recommended to go for IIFL stockbroking.

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