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Fyers is a revolutionary discount broker that was formed after experiencing the complacency of traditional brokerages. It was formed in 2015 by Tejas Khoday and team with the primary focus of enabling retail participants with the best trading platform in India. The team is constantly making improvements in their in-house product, Fyers One and offering premium services at rock-bottom fees. Being priced as the lowest brokerage in India is not the agenda but rather providing value in terms of advanced features such as strategy builder, signal generation and many other advanced features that will be embedded within the free charting software.

Account Opening Fee : Account opening fee of Fyres is FREE! presently they are not charging any charge from new customers however after one year AMC of Rs. 400 will be charged.

AMC: Rs. 400 (Charged by IL&FS)

Trading Platforms: They have all the three module of trading platform which is frequently used for the trading in stock markets web based, Desktop based and Mobile based application. 

  • Desktop Terminal: Fyers One
  • Web-based: Fyers Web Trader
  • Mobile App: Fyers Markets

Platform Usage Fee: There are no charge for using any of the trading platform offered by fyers Customer can use any platform for trading.

Brokerage : As they are discount brokers they are offering very competitive brokerage to their customers.

  • Equity: 0.1% or Maximum Rs. 100 per order (Whichever is lower)
  • Futures: 0.01% or Maximum Rs. 100 per order (Whichever is lower)
  • Options: Rs. 10 per lot or Maximum Rs. 100 per order (Whichever is lower)

Documents Required For Account Opening:

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  1. PAN card
  2. Proof of Residence ( Copy Voter Id Card, Copy Of Passport, Copy of Driving Licence, Electricity Bill ( Not older then 2 months) , Bank Account statement ( Not Older then 2 months)
  3. Canceled Chque
  4. Two Passport size photo graphs.

To know more about or  To open account with fyers please visit their website

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