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The Nirmal Bang Group is recognized as one of the largest retail broking houses in India, providing an array of financial products and services. Our retail and institutional clients have access to products such as equities, derivatives, commodities, IPOs, insurance, depository services, currency derivatives and PMS.

They aim to work together with integrity and make his customers feel valued.

NIRMAL BANG Advantages
They greatest asset. Drawn from a diversity of professional backgrounds, their blend of experience, skill and dedication is shared with all their clients.
Innovative and enthusiastic. They emphasize adequate, thorough research local and world-wide developments, balancing these with the astute discovery of intrinsic values, synergies and growth.
Simply to help you maximize your returns. Your interests no matter how big or small – come first.
Comprehensive and available to meet every investment financial need.

To provide service, par excellence and become your spirit of change.

Brokerage and Account opening fees:

1. Brokerage
Intra day 0.05% And Investment 0.50% This is base brokerage for new client. those who already doing trading with other broking firm his brokerage can be reduced according to his current brokerage plan with existing Plan or on the basis of the daily trading volume of the client.
2. Account Opening fee
Currently Nirmal bang not charging any account opening fee.
3. AMC
Amc for the first year is free from next year AMC is 250/-

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