Easy Steps to Start a New Business


Common questions which arose in every business aspirant individual are “How to start a Business”? What to start up with? How to get a financial support? Etc. Always one has to plan properly by considering all the factors which are likely interruptible on a long run. So to start up a business the best approach is to go step by step and aim for a small success which comes as result of accomplishing each step. Follow the below simple  steps to start a new business to become a successful entrepreneur.

1. Start with a Note of Your Business Plan

Any activity you start to get fruitful result you need to plan well. The Plan should be elaborated in such a way that it details the products and services which you wish to offer to a customer and objective. Do list the services which you don’t offer as well so that you feel comfortable and will have a clear focus. Now read the plan number of time so that you can organize things in better way. Do not fix the plan for lifetime; make it flexible so that you can make changes as and when the situation demands.

2. Set Up Your Business

Next tough stage is setting up the business. Many starts setting up as and when they start getting the income through other sources. But it’s not a good idea in my thought.  Kindly seek an advice of your Accountant and then proceed.

3. Own a Attractive Logo

To each business should have its own identity to get noticed? You have to look up for a Logo for your business so that your identity is marked in a market. Logo will also play an important part in attracting the clients. A numb Logo can be neglected by the clients. There are many designer agents who create a Logo, I prefer Pramps Infotech.

4. Create a Website & EMail of your business

Current generation is heartthrob to Internet everything can be purchased and can sell off though Internet. Create your own website with domain name related to your business. This is very important in business. It’s completely unprofessional if you do your business with a free Email account. Make slab in your budget to fit in your website.

5. Accounts Software

Have you own software to do business transactions. When you send invoice to client when they pay bill, is needed. You can also track your expenses & income. I recommend using Intuit’s QuickBooks, in which QuickBooks Pro 2011 is most reliable and user friendly.

6. Find an Accountant

Please do not be a self Accountant for you. Hire an accountant who has sound knowledge in tax laws and can tackle the government legal clause. Let the accountant CA certified.

7. Funding Source

It’s up to you whether you fund on your own or you will have flown though the sources. The fund expected sources are –

  • Self funding from your savings
  • Bank loans
  • Venture capital
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending
  • Getting loans from family & Friends
  • credit cards

All the best for your new journey

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