Safety Tips for Single Women Renters


Safety Tips for Single Women Renters: Crime inflicts irrespective of gender and age. It comes as a surprise and screws you when you least expect it. Taking into consideration the current scenario crime on women is on the rise. Women now are no longer confined to the comfort of their home. Due to education, job or just for the sake of settling in some place different, women needs to travel alone. Finding a proper accommodation is a prerequisite to the movement. Safety becomes a matter of concern in such a scenario. Even a strong independent female can be a potential target for the miscreants.

So here are few safety tips that need to be taken into account by a single female while going for rented apartments or finding a place to live in:

  1. Go for a reputed brand of Movers & Packers: Moving is the first part before staying in a rented accommodation. You need to choose your logistic services wisely. It is advisable not to disclose to your service guys that you are moving alone. It no way concerns them. Better lie to them if they try to be inquisitive.

    Research thoroughly about the reputation of the company before you invest intheir services. Take some time to read the reviews. Talk to their customers and people who have already used their services. Go through their portfolios and you will be able to understand which company will give you a positive hassle free experience.

  2. Be familiar with your locality: Definitely it is not always possible to rent an apartment in the best locality. However, you should be aware of the places in and around your neighborhood to be aware of the places that is safe and unsafe. There are certain areas in every locality that pose threat and it will be wise of you to avoid them.

    In a residential complex, there are areas such as parking lots, laundry rooms, and trash dumpers, garages that should be avoided in the mid night or during the lone hours. It is better to get rid of dense shrubs around your home. You can use motion sensor solar-powered lights in these areas.

  3. Know your neighbors and room-mates in case of sharing:Becoming friends with your neighbors and roommates is not a mandate. But it is essential to do a background check and know them. Keep a tab of their schedule so that you can understand if anything raises doubt. Be amicable so that you can know their time of visiting laundry, time of coming back home or going to the stores nearby so that you can do it together if needed. Being a female renter, it is best to find a place in either female or family dominant area.

  4. Check the lock of doors and windows before moving: Before moving into the apartment, check the lock of every door and window. It is necessary to replace the locks after a resident have left the place. Examine the lock system of doors to all your rooms for a safe stay.



  5. Lock your doors and Check before opening: When you are at home, it is best to close the doors and windows for your own security. In case someone knocks the door, make sure to peep through the eye hole before opening it. Locking your doors doesn’t mean you have to be devoid of fresh air. Your security is equally important so keep your eyes and ears open. Depending on the time of day and your surroundings you should avoid keeping your doors open.
  6. Install wireless alarm system: It will be of great help to you if you install a wireless security system. It will relax you to a great extent protecting you and your home from danger.


  7. Know the security personnel in your area: Know the emergency helplines and the security personnel looking after your area. In this regard, it is advisable to stay in a locality that offers security services 24*7.

  8. Carry Mace, alarm keychain or pepper sprays: Self-defense sprays, whistle alarms are good instruments that can save you from the danger situation immediately. It is best to keep them with you. Even if you don’t need them, they will give you the confidence that you are equipped to protect yourself.

Usually it happens that we stay careful during the initial days after we move to a new place. With time we become comfortable and stop being cautious. Be careful to preserve your safety and stay alert to have a delightful experience.

Author’s Bio: Agniva Banerjee is a professional writer who writes for She closely follows the real estate sector. Her articles offer genuine facts and information about the realty sector and related matters in India.

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