Students Guide to renting Apartments in Delhi NCR


Delhi NCR is home to many premier educational institutes where people from across the globe come to extract the knowledge from some of the best scholars. The prerequisite to post admission in your dream college is to look for a shelter to settle down. Bing new to the city, you would always feel like staying close to your campus or to the organization you are looking forward to working as an intern. While it is fun and exciting to explore the city, here we provide you with some renting tips that will guide you through:

  1. Plan beforehand: The city is beaming with students because of its robust educational framework. Hence you can expect to face a tough competition finding a budget accommodation. The best time to look for a residing place is summertime and before the beginning of your semester as you will have ample time to go through the city and finding apartments that meets your budget and location.
  2. Scan the neighborhood: Visit the neighborhood taking a note of both the busy areas and also the suspicious ones. Spot the market area and the stores. You might encounter more apartments on rent that can be worthy of considering. You can also collect and check out the community paper which often enlists the apartment on rent. In these cases you will be able to save money by avoiding costly broker fees.
  3. Consider visiting minimum four apartments: Plan to view as many apartments you can in your set budget. This will give you an idea of what is best for you. You will get to see what is available on your allocated price. There is always the possibility that the flat that you desired is already reserved by someone else. So it is always necessary to keep options in your hand. It is also advisable to check out the larger communities that offers a standard price as per the market value. The apartments with independent landlords will usually charge more.
  4. Prepare a checklist: Make a list of “To Know” things before you start your search for apartments. There are many questions pertaining to a place will occupy your mind. List them down before you meet the broker or owner.
  5. Examine the maintenance and management: If the paint of walls is peeling off or there are broken bulbs in the community halls. If the security is robust in the society or sufficient availability of water. You need to measure all the factors concerning your stay. You need to analyze whether you have got the best deal with your allocated budget by weighing all these factors.
  6. Book paying a certain sum and have a co-signer: Competition is keen in this sphere. If you spot any apartment that fits your resources pay a certain some as deposit and book it so that no one else can steal the deal. Have a co-signer who will be willing to sign the application along with you. Most of the landlords prefer a co-signer in case of a college student. The reason for having a co-signer is that in case where you will not be able to pay the rent, your co-signer will be liable to pay for you. Your co-signer can be your local guardian, any of your family member or family friend. Since students do not have a credit history, for the sake of credibility the landlords ask for a co-signer.
  7. Read the contract meticulously before signing: After looking for the apartment and deciding on taking it on rent, read the lease carefully before gracing it with your signature. Make your co-signer reads it too. The document is more likely to be an average one so you need to go through it thoroughly to know the terms and conditions in detail. The landlord may introduce new rules and regulations in the local language which needs to known and deciphered to avoid any kind of discrepancies. Other important items that would require your attention are the rent, when it is due, the security deposit amount, the fines and penalties for paying rent late and the point of contact for issues related to maintenance. You can also go for a final review your apartment before you sign the document.

Therefore, finding the right place to reside in the City of Delhi NCR is not a huge thing especially with the booming residential markets. You need to plan strategically to make it hassle free for you. Pick the best one that fits your bill and study enjoying your comfortable stay.

Author’s Bio: Agniva Banerjee is a professional writer who closely follows the real estate sector. Her articles offer genuine facts and information about the realty sector in India.

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