Motilal Oswal and Zee Business Present Investor ki Kahani Usi ki Zubani


Motilal Oswal and Zee Business present unique television show Investor Ki Kahani Usi Ki zubani, This pro gram is for that person who is facing problem in investing in the stock market or mistakes that generally made by the investor while they are investing. This program will solid advice to that type of investor for solving their  problems . Investor will get directly advice from experts of Motilal Oswal.

This advice will solve all types of the mistake generally made bye the investors like mistake in trading intraday, Over leveraging, restructuring Investor’s Portfolio and futures and option strategies.

Investors can also be part of a unique Zee Business television programme where their issues/problems would be addressed in a seminar that will be held in their city.

Hows this shows Works ?

  1. Stage 1: At the first stage Investor will share his problem with Motilal Oswal which they are facing while investing in the stock market. Investor can share his problem either sending by an SMS to 57575 or by online registration.
  2. Stage 2: Motilal Oswal’s representatives will call to investors for profile their cases & understand the exact problem. These profiled cases will be jointly analysed & short listed by Motilal Oswal’s team of experts with Zee Business.
  3. Stage 3: Some of the short listed cases will be interviewed in their respective cities by Zee Business. Clips of these interviews will be played on Zee Business.
  4. Stage 4: Some of the cases will be invited to share their problem at our seminar being held in your cities. At the seminar, our experts will provide solutions and advice to your problem & interesting anecdotes on trading in the stock markets.
  5. Stage 5: Each ground event will be aired on Zee Business as a part of the TV show, Investor Ki Kahani Usi Ki Zubani.


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