Mistake To Avoid by Investor to Become Sucessful Investor


When person start investing they make lots of the big mistake which cost that person big loss of money in the stock market. There for it is must to avoid mistake to become a successful Investor.

Mistake 1:

This is most common mistake make by the Investors they are not investing his money at the right time , or they take out his invested money before the time. In order to make profit from investing you have to invest at right time.

Mistake 2:

The biggest mistake made by investor is the invest before they are finical ready. to become a successful investor , you should have sufficient money for the investing . if you don’t have your own money then never try to invest in the stock market. if you have any lone you should clear that . First make clear that you have sufficient money and also you don’t have any use of that money for the next 3 to 4 months. If you have such balance money then you can go for investing.

  • If you think You may need money after short period then you can go for short time investing. If you like safe Investment for long time you can invest in Bond and mutual fund.
  • To Take maximum advantage from investing you have to select good stocks or to make good portfolio this way you will get good returns on your invested money.
  • You have to keep  patience because some times your capital value will go up or some times it will go down according to market movement. So avoiding two major mistake you can become successful Investor
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7 years ago

VEry generic and wague advice. Nothing found in expert point of view!!!

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