How to Select A Stock Broker


It is shown that a lot of investors trade with multiple stock brokers. Every broker run special promotions or supply higher deals with such services as commission-free ETFs. Therefore it’s suggested to own investments in a minimum of 2 discount stock brokers.

There are several factors to think about, while selecting Best stock broker in India.

Before choosing a broker ensure you think about following questions:

  1.  What fees they charge?
  2.  Is their website is user friendly ?
  3. What strategies are you able to execute a trade? (I.e. web, phone, mobile device)
  4. Do they have a local branch office?
  5. Do they provide  research report for investment?
  6. What investment choices available with that brokerage firms? (I.e. stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, options, forex, Commodities)

What fees they charge?: 

Before Opening a share trading account, ensure you’re clear what charges you will pay per trade.Can it be primarily based upon your typical transactions?

 Is their website is user friendly ?

It might be nice that Broking firms has low commissions, however is their the website straight forward to use? If it’s confusing and it takes 10 steps execute a purchase or sell a security, why would you utilize it?

What strategies are you able to execute a trade? (I.e. web, phone, mobile device)

In today’s connected world, it is important to own flexibility once commercialism stocks. All Broking firms enable you online trading via their Website, however not all have the power to execute trades from a mobile device. Ensure you’ll not only access your account from your Mobile phone, you can also place trading orders.

Do they have a local branch office?

Some investor likes to speak face-to-face with their broker. If this can be necessary to you, ensure a neighborhood branch, workplace is close to your home or place of labor. Some brokers supply academic seminars at their workplace and access to money advisers.

Do they provide  Research Report for Investment?

Have access to investment analysis via your broker isn’t solely convenient, however can also prevent cash. Getting stock and fund analysis are often terribly high-ticket. A best broker providing the analysis papers without charge are some things to think about in reducing your commercialism expenses.

What investment choices available with that brokerage firms? (I.e. stocks, mutual funds,bonds,Commodities,forex, options,ETFs )

Depending upon your skills and experience, ensure your broker has all the options you would like. If not, then separate your investment accounts per brokerage for the categories of trades you would like to try and do. In some cases it would be cheaper to stay your bond portfolio with one broker and your stocks at another.

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5 years ago

Very Practical and important questions for selection….thanks for sharing

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