How To Add Funds In Zerodha?


Finally, you have chosen Zerodha as your stock brokers for investment in the Indian Stock market. Now you are looking for how to add funds In Zerodha Trading Account.

As we can not trade without adding money in the trading account so before start trading one should need to add money in the trading account.

In this article, I am going to discuss step by step process for how you can add money in Zerodha Trading Account.

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Step By Step Process To Add Funds In Zerodha

In Zerodha you can add fund Via both Zerodha Kite and Zerodha console. Here I am going to discuss both processes you can add funds using any of them.

Add Money Via Zerodha Kite

Step 1: Open and login with your user Id and Password.

Step 2: From the Top-right menu click on funds then select add funds.

A new popup window will open. If you have disabled popup then please enable it from your browser setting.

Step 3: Enter the amount as much you want to add in your trading account.

Step 4: Now select the payment method UPI or Netbanking.

Please Note: Fund transfer using UPI is free while via net banking it may be chargeable and the charged amount will depend upon the investor’s Bank.

Add Fund Via UPI

Step 5A: Enter your UPI Id (UPI id must link to your bank account which is linked with your trading account).

Then Click On Continue

Now this window will open

Step 6A: Go to your UPI app in your mobile approve the payment by entering your UPI PIN

Add Fund Via Net Banking

Step 5B: Select payment via net banking and click to continue.

You will redirect to your linked Bank with Zerodha.

Step 6B: Please complete your transaction by entering your net banking login password & transaction password.

Add Money Via Zerodha Console

Step 1: Open and click on login with the kite. After login, you will see the available funds in both equity and commodity segments.

If you are adding the first-time money then you will see the message (you don’t have any funds here.)

Step 2: Now click on the add funds then follow Step 3 to Step 6 discussed above.

Congratulations you have successfully added money to your Zerodha Trading account. Now you can start trading.

And whenever you will need to add money in the Zerodha trading account you can follow these steps again.

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