How To Close Upstox Account?

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Hey friend, do you want to know how to close the Upstox account?

And want to know the Upstox account closing process online.

Don’t worry; in this article, I will guide you step by step process of closing a Upstox Demat and trading account.

how to close upstox account

How To Close a Upstox Account Online?

It is effortless to open an account with Upstox online. It takes only a few minutes to open an account with Upstox.

But if you will talk about the closing of a Upstox account online, it is not possible.

Even you cannot close your account by calling or chat to customer care of upstox.

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You will need to follow the steps required for closing a Upstox account offline.

Procedure for closing Upstox account

Before giving a written request for closing a Demat account with Upstox, you need to check the following points.

  • Close all open future and options positions
  • There should be no holding in your Demat account. If you have any, then you sell and encash them.
  • If you want to transfer them to another Demat account, get it transferred using the delivery instruction slip.
  • It would be best if you did not have your balance is negative, i.e., you must clear all dues pending to you.
  • There should be no funds in your trading account. If you have funds in your trading account, you must transfer them into your bank account.

If you fulfill all the above points, you can proceed with closing the Upstox account; otherwise, your application may get rejected.

How to close Upstox Account Offline?

To close a Upstox account, you will need to submit an account closure request form to complete your Demat and trading account closure request.

Follow these steps required to close the upstox account

#Step 1: Visit the Upstox website

upstox website

#Step 2: In the menu, go to support and click on download forms. Or visit this link form.

upstox download form

#Step 3: Now scroll down to account modification forms. And click on Demat Account Closure to download pdf account closure form of upstox.

#Step 4: Download the upstox demat account closure form in pdf . Same as given below.

upstox account closure form

#Step 5: Take a print out of the form and fill it correctly with your sign wherever required.

#Step 6: Send it to the correspondence address, which is mention at the top of the form.

How to close Upstox Trading Account

Once you submit the closer request form for the Demat account, your trading account will also get closed.

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