Career Options In Indian Stock Market


Sectors Available:

Equity Market

Derivatives Market

Commodity Market

Currency Market


Career Opportunities:


Client Relationship



Professional Trader

Equity Advisor

Risk Management

Equity Research


Business Development

Depository Operation

Technical Analyst


Client Relationship ManagerBack Office Accounting

Fundamental Analyst

 Professional Trader:

As a professional trader you can work for a brokerage firms or you can trade for your own money. If you are a person who enjoy challenge and likes the opportunity to make a great deal of cash, you may have found exactly the career for which you were searching.

How To Become  Professional Trader

Career as a Dealer: 

As a dealer you can work work either as a Equity dealer or as  Commodity Dealer. A dealer is an individual who buy and sells stock on behalf of  Broking firms for their  clients. 

you may choose this career for the fast-paced work environment if you have an competitive personality.

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