How To Start Trading In Indian Stock Market

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Hey you are reading this because you want to know how to start trading in Indian stock market.

As a beginner everyone who wants to start trading ask same question.

When I was beginner I asked same question to my friends who was having some knowledge about trading and investment in the stock market even some of them were trading

They just advised me watch the financial news read financial column in the newspaper stay updated with the stock market etc…….

Even there is so much information on the web which and every one say different things.

To whom you should follow and where to start? You just forget all these things it’s too confusing.

I was also beginner I had face same problem I started my trading 10 year back that time my knowledge was nothing about investment in stock market.

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Now I know lots of thing about Investment and I promise it will be easy to understand in more clear way

Let’s Start

Four Simple Steps to start Trading in Indian Stock Market

  • Introduction of Stock Market
  • Choose your preferred stock brokers
  • Make a List of stock with proper research
  • Start Trading

Introduction of Stock Market:

Stock market is a place where buying and selling of shares takes place. In stock market you can buy and sell shares through an agent which is called share broker you can’t buy or sell share directly in stock exchange.

Choose your preferred stock broker:

For buying and selling share you will need to open a trading account with share brokers which will provide you a trading account and DEMAT Account.

In trading account we kept money for buying and selling stocks and DEMAT account is to keep share in electronic format.

As a beginner I will suggest you please go with Zerodha or Upstox both are cost effective stock brokers

For opening a trading account with any stock broker PAN Card, Address Proof and Bank Account Statement/Cancelled Chq are mandatory documents.

You will need to provide these documents to stock brokers at the time of opening Demat & Trading account.

Make a list of stocks with proper research:

You can’t become a trader in overnight. If you are seriously want to become a professional investor then do proper research before buying a share.

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 Lets Start Trading in Indian Stock Market

Now you can start trading in Indian stock market


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