Top 20 Best Share Brokers In India

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An honest list of the best share brokers in India with the highest number of active traders.

As per data updated on 30 April 2021 on the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

This article does not feature any Stock Broker giving a genuine list of 20 best stock brokers in India based on the broker-wise highest active investors.

There are more than 200 brokerage firms in India.

Every Stock Broker wants highly active traders because they are highly coveted clients. They generate more revenue for brokers each year.

As per my knowledge and experience, all Stock Broking companies not only try to gain new clients.

They also put their effort into keeping their clients active because they will generate more revenue for them as they will have more engaged customers.

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This article will give you an Idea about which brokerage firm has the highest number of active investors with them.

And as per the broker wise highest active clients, we made this list of top 20 best stock brokers in India.

Zerodha has gained more than 30 Lakh customers in a few years. It is only 10-years-old firms but they are increasing their client base very fast as compared to major stock brokers.

As data updated on 31 January 2021 on the National Stock Exchange website show, there is a total of 1,69,85,741 active traders for all the exchange brokers.

Zerodha, Upstox, ICICI Securities, Angel Broking, and HDFC Securities are the top five listed 20 best Share Brokers in India.

As per experts, ICICI Securities,  HDFC Securities, and Kotak Securities have clients sourced from their parent Bank.

top 20 share brokers in India

Top 20 Best Share Brokers in India: 2020

3Angel Broking Ltd.16,60,058📝
4ICICI Securities Ltd.16,56,663📝
5HDFC Securities Ltd.9,63,691📝
75paisa Capital Ltd.8,97,128📝
8Kotak Securities Ltd.7,50,711📝
10Motilal Oswal5,91,584📝
11Axis Securities Ltd.4,62,897📝
12SBIcap Securities Ltd.3,32,822📝
13IIFL Securities Ltd.2,99,018📝
14Geojit Financial Services Ltd.2,06,213📝
15Edelweiss Broking Ltd.1,59,320📝
16SMC Global Securities Ltd.1,38,362📝
17Religare Broking Ltd.1,34,691📝
18Alice Blue1,30,312📝
19Nirmal Bang Securities Pvt. Ltd.1,24,754📝
20Reliance Securities1,16,929📝

This list has not included data of the Bombay Stock Exchange and other regional stock exchanges. Some investors trade only in the Bombay Stock Exchange or in the regional stock exchange.

After analyzing the above data of active traders, you can say these brokers are the most reliable and trusted Stock Broker in India.

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With which stock broker you should trade ?

For investors and traders, choosing a Stock Broker is one of the crucial decisions they make as investors. But it depends upon the requirement of the trader’s trading style.

Every trader has his own trading style, so it is necessary to determine which broker will fit them. Every Stock Broker tries to give different services to make them unique from their competitors.

Full-service or Online discount broker?

Even in modern days, some traders do only offline trading. They can not trade with a discount broker as they do not provide offline trading.

Some discount provides offline trading, but they charge for that.

As a customer of Sharekhan and Relationship Manager in Angel Broking, I have seen these two full-service stockbrokers provide dedicated Relationship manager to execute customer’s order.

To execute your trading order, you will need to call your Relationship Manager’s registered mobile number.

But the trader who wants to do trading themself they can go with an online discount broker because the brokerage of discount brokers is very less with respect to full-service Stock Brokers.

From the above top 20 best share brokers in India, you can choose a broker as per your requirement, which only you can know. We can provide only advice as we can not recommend it because we don know your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Stock Broker Is Best In India?

Zerodha is the No.1 Stock Broker in India with the highest number of active clients. Upstox is the fastest-growing stock broker in India.

How Many Stock Brokers Are There In India

On researching further, there are over 5000 share brokers (Full Service) and only 30 (Discount Brokers) in India to form the blink within the market. And out of which Zerodha is thrashing ICICIdirect and HDFC Securities

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