15 Best Full-Service Stock Brokers In India

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Find here a genuine list of 15 best most trusted full-service Stock Brokers in India by the number of active traders/investors. Angel Broking, Sharekhan, and Motilal Oswal are the top three full service brokers in India which are giving the best and reliable services to their customers.

Indian Capital Market is One of the oldest stock markets in Asia. Indian stock market currently having 4,30,24,362 investor’s Accounts as per data updated on 30 June 2020 (NSDL + CSDL ).

In India broking firms primarily work as agents for buying and selling stocks and other financial instruments and take a commission for each transaction done by them.

15 full-service stock brokers in India
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Right now the Indian brokerage market going through a wonderful phase with a high growth rate. In the present time In India, there are two types of Share Brokers Full-service Share Brokers and online discount brokers.

In this article, I have covered only the most trusted full service share brokers for discount stock brokers please read the best discount brokers in India.

And I have also not included the bank promoted stock broker in this list. Because their customer sources are their parent’s bank. And they don’t put much effort like full service stock broker and discount broker to acquire a new customer.

I have posted a separate article for Top 10 Bank Promoted Shares Brokers In India.

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Top 15 Full-Service Stock Brokers In India 2020

1Angel Broking Ltd.7,66,811
2Sharekhan Ltd.5,63,191
3Motilal Oswal Financial Service Ltd.4,12,137
4IIFL Securities Ltd.2,34,856
5Karvy Broking Ltd.1,95,465
6Geojit Financial Service Ltd.1,68,854
7Edelweiss Broking Ltd.1,35,450
8Reliance Securities Ltd.1,18,865
9SMC Global Securities Ltd.1,17,618
10Religare Broking Ltd.1,14,003
11Nirmal Bang Pvt. Ltd.1,03,547
12Marwadi Shares & Finance Ltd.84,639
13Ventura Securities Ltd.78,280
14Anand Rathi Share & Stock Brokers Ltd.74,118
15Aditya Birla Money Ltd.46,343

This list of full-service stock brokers in India has not included data of the Bombay Stock Exchange and any Regional Stock Exchange. Some investors prefer to trade in the Bombay Stock Exchange and In regional stock exchange.

Full-Service stock brokers constantly loosing their active clients after introducing the Discount brokerage concept in India. As now maximum people want to trade online only because of this to save brokerage they are trading with discount brokers.

Angel Broking is the first full-service Stock Broker in India who introduced the same brokerage structure that is charged by maximum online discount stock brokers. Angel Broking is now the cheapest full service broker in India.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Full-Service Share Broker In India?

A full-service broker is a registered stockbroker with SEBI that gives the various types of services to their clients, including advice and research reports, investment planning, tax tips, and many more services.

What is the brokerage of full-service Stock Brokers?

Full-service Stock Brokers take % wise brokerage which varies from 0.01% to maximum 2.5% depends upon the stockbrokers and their services avail by the customers.

Which is the best full-service share broker in India?

Sharekhan, Angel Broking and Motilal Oswal are the best full-service stockbrokers in India for their best and reliable service to their customers.

What is diffirence between Full-service Broker & Discount Broker

Full-service brokers generally charge % wise brokerage which is costly than the fixed-rate brokerage which is charged by online discount brokers.

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  1. Any one know about ZERODHA stock broker. They are offering flat Rs. 20 per trade irrespective of volume…… best option for volume traders………….

    • Zerodha is Above Average. it does not offer DP Services and Dem-at has to be opened with IL&FS. or you can link Existing DEMAT Account DP Charges of IL&FS are high and services are poor. SO,Finally the deal turns out to be expensive 🙂

    • RKSV Securities offers flat monthly brokerage of Rs. 1947 per month. You can trade hundreds of options and futures. Cost per trade will work no more than 15 paise. Among the brokers that I have been with for the last 3 years, this is quite good. Bye-the-bye I am not a business man, but only a salaried employee. I notice that over 95% of innocent people lose in the stock market. With my trading experience, I have developed over dozen trading techniques which I can share with any interested person.

  2. Friends, I am having my equity & commodity trading account with CD Equisearch through its franchisee. I’d like to mention I am quiet satisfied with their service & brokerage deals. Get in touch with him for best deals.

  3. Angel Broking is a very good broking firm……
    They provide four platforms for online trading…
    And even they provide a Sub-Broker for offline trade….
    Brokerage is negligible depending on your investment.
    For Ex:- If you provide an Investment of Rs.1,75,000 then You would be charge 0.01Rs. Intraday and 0.10Rs in Delivery…

    • Angel is the worst. Once they sent me my money without informing me and then I did not received it for many months and then they again deposited in My angel account. Then they call to tell me buy certain shares but if they are going down they dont bother to communicate. Third the last time they bought for me shares which was quite higher than the margin money and that is why I had to sell it the very next day incurring a heavy loss. Their tips are never succesful

      • really it is very worst i suffered a lot in angel broking.please dont join.they will say less brokerage,but hidden charges are more.they never tell.The company is growing with most of un trained people.oh god. please dont join with angel pls

  4. IIFL Premia has the lowest trading charges anyone can imagine, with a quality team base and all investment options under one basket – equity,commodity, MF,real estate etc. I am ver satisfied with them !!

  5. Dear friends,

    LKP Securities is really flexible,they r giving best business support and also sharing if u want to start franchisee, join the LKP securities

  6. indiabulls is a very good brokerage firm and their employees have alot of knowledge regarding stock markets and stock trading.Contact to open your account with indiabulls @ lowest possible brokerage and start earning money.

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  8. I’ve been trading with novus financials, partners of CD Equisearch,
    Paying, 10paisa and 1 Paisa, and I’d say it deserves to be on such a list..
    Very satisfied with their quality, much better than cheaters Motilal Oswal who took soo many hidden charges

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    • I’m having 8 years experience in stock broking industry. Thinking about the brokerage is normal… But you have to check about their services, Research calls, Company history etc…. Even lots of brokers now giving flat brokerage. I’m asking this question to the people who asked about only brokerage? R u making decent profit from them? Talking about only brokerage is the foolish thing. Just dont bother about brokerage….. Check their services and research calls… Even maximum brokerage from all is 3 paisa.. Not more that that…

      So dont bother about the brokerage… Check their Company history and calls…..

      • Hello, i want to work in a audit firm which is into stock broking and related things, if you can help me with the name of Organization which do audit of your firm, so that i can approach them.

        Please help me.

  11. RKSV Securities is the best discount broker on the list. Trade on the Freedom Plan and just forget about the rest. I have 4 brokerage accounts, one with Sharekhan, ICICI, Angel, and Anand Rathi.

    If you are in the Mumbai area, just go to their office.

  12. Dear Clients,Myself Mohit Singhal & i am employee(Relationship manager) of the Nirmal bang Securities and Nirmal Bang securities is a good venture to manage the portfolio or we recomended this time is the best to invest the money in the market.So any investor want to more knowledge about this venture then they can call on this no.8010007383.

  13. Hello Sir Can you tell me how good is ventura securities for trading? I am starting this and would like to know about forex being legal or not and what broker would be best for online trading and what amout I should start with? I am thinking about 10.000.Will that be enough? Thanks.Hope to here you soon.

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  16. Actually i like your unique style of presentation.Each page about mention broker firms with mandatory information is really great idea..

  17. Nice comparison. But a bit old. Many new discount brokers have started operating in India now which provide very competitive brokerage rates.

    • Please could you name some of the good brokerages that charge low brokerage? Would be much obliged. Youcan write to me at [email protected]. Sorry for the hasel but I’ve ‘had it’ with high brokerage charges. Many thanks, in advance,

      • use zerodha, brokerage charges are very less. I have been using their services for more than 2 years and its really good

  18. Sir,
    Iam a small investor, and I possess 250 equity shares left behind and gifted by my late father. The shares certificates are in the name of my late father. The shares are of a south Indian company in chennai and the present market value is about Rs 74/- per share about a week back. The company’s name is M/s Beardsell Ltd. Now I want to sell the same. I also have the death certificate with me. Please suggest a suitable way whereby I can encash. Please suggest a suitable and reliable name of broker who could make my selling possible ( as a small investor) on as is where is basis. I know that my topic is different from the above usual comments you recieve but I request you to do the needful and help me. Thank you and expecting early compliance.

  19. Hi,
    I have signed up with DBFS. Iam a newbie to this field. They are charging Rs.5/lot. Both sides, buying+selling would be Rs.10/lot.
    They are using the platform from Geojit. I love MT4 platform. But don’t think any broker allows you to use MT4 in India..

  20. According to me,TOP SECURITIES COMPANIES in order were:-1.India Infoline(iifl) 2.India bulls securities 3.Icici direct 4.Share khan 5.HDFC securities

  21. Dear sir;
    I’m trading in the market since last four months. I had earned money in delivery basis & intra day trading I lost my capital.what is the techniques for intra day trading? Pl send through mail [email protected].

  22. If someone is just starting out and want guidance to invest then choose a full service broker like Share khan or ICICI. They are more expensive than discount broker but they provide you inputs on what to buy.
    And if you want low cost Broker who charges low and at the same time provides you guidance on what and where to buy then you should try opening an a/c with Finvasia. They send out daily and weekly newsletters to clients with stocks to look for and trade ideas. No other charges, no software cost, no account opening fees, no call & trade charges.

  23. Dear Sir,

    Recently i have been hearing a lot about MicrosecOnline.com with their discount brokerage scheme, i will like to get a review on this broker, to me they seem very transparent since all the clauses they have has been mentioned on their website, still i will like to get a review done.

    Can you please help me out.

  24. Hi ,
    My name is arun .
    i want to open a account in share market , please suggest me which is best firm with lowest charges and good service.

    • I would like to suggest for kotak securities it is one of the most reputed broking firm in India. If you are very serious to open demat trading account call me at my no. ALOK GUPTA 8586981813

    • you contact Tradejini Financial Service banglore ,
      Address: Vsavi Square, 2nd Floor 10th Min Road,, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560011
      Phone:080 4020 4020

  25. Plz. let me know which stock broker firm is best option for small investors like me….

    Contact: 9097754937

  26. Hello sir/mam if you want to best service in brokrage and if you want intraday and hoilding calls in nse and mcx. (all commodity 650rs pr crore+taxs) my no. Is 8349341558(neeraj) thank you

  27. I am using india infoline for past 6 years. Their online terminal is great one. But poor support. Charging every month for demat service. Is there anyone provide free account?

  28. Nice compilateion. But I think some of the discount brokers like Zerodha and RKSV are also catching up with the ones in above list,
    Anyway thanks for the list

  29. Thanks for sharing list of 15 popular and best broking firm in India. I appriciate with your work but i think you are missing My Value Trade, which is also a brand name in stock market and providing best online trading services in India at lowest brokerage charge.

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  31. Mujhe offline trading karni haii… mtlb kisi bnde ka no. Jise mai call krun share buy or sell krne k liye is it possible

  32. i am planning to make investment of 10 lakhs and i am new to the market i need a broker who can guide me while charginfg a reasonable amount.

    • Call Anushka at 9810433044 . We are an advisory based broking house associated with Karvy Stock Broking Ltd. We have our investment boutique where we use passive and active investment and trading strategies.

    • Dear Rakesh

      My name is Bala From Coimbatore. Assuming that you are a fundamental trader, my kind advice is oppurtunities in Share or commodity markets cannot be created, when it provides you should utilize it. If you are big investor like 5 lakh for example, you can wait till you recover from loss, but if you are intraday trader using exposure provide by broker, then you should be very cautious.

      I am a technical Analysis trainer, my suggestion is to trader technically and begin with small volume.

      Few energy boosters:
      You should never gamble in market, because your tradin business is based on country’s economy, so proud to be a trader, if any suggestion needed call me at 7868999373

  33. i am fresher for share trading but interested in investing a small amount in share market any guidance for freshers i don’t have minimum knowledge about share trading


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