Best Time of the Year To Buy A House


Buying a house or any real estate property is a huge deal for most people. For some, it might actually be a long time dream that they are eager to fulfill. Whether you are buying your first house that you have saved for a long time or you are simply looking for an opportunity to invest your money, you should not just buy a property any time you want to.


There are many factors that affect the prices of properties and there will always be times in a year when it is particularly good to buy a houseor maybe a condo unit. If you are planning to purchase a property in the near future, below are some tips on the best time of the year to do this.

  • Summer time: The months of April and June are excellent months to buy a house. During these months, it is often sunny in the Philippines so you can conveniently view the house and easily plan your move into it without the hassle of rain. Also, these are the months when school is out so you do not have to worry about any move being a huge change for the children, if you have any. If the seller has children as well, these are months when he might be willing to consider a negotiation for a lower price because school tuition fees need to be paid.
  • Before Christmas: There is no better season to celebrate in a new house than Christmas. You can have fun decorating your new house with bright and colorful Christmas décor and accessories. Also, having a new house would seem like a great gift for the whole family. You can also rely on being able to negotiate for a lower price because sellers would usually appreciate the earnings right before the most expensive time of the year.
  • Low interest rates: For those who are planning to take out a housing loan to purchase a house, it is always best to wait for low interest rates before doing so. This particular financial scenario does not happen exactly on a specific time of the year; you will just have to look out for any decrease in the interest rate and then go for it once it happens. However, this means searching for the house you want to buy in a hurry so you can take advantage of low rates.

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