What Is The Stock Market?

what is stock market

New to the stock market but must have heard that you can invest and earn money through the stock market. However, if you are still not fully aware of what is the stock market and how it does operates. What is IPO? Then keep reading this article till the end …

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How To Add Funds In Zerodha?

Finally, you have chosen Zerodha as your stock brokers for investment in the Indian Stock market. Now you are looking for how to add funds In Zerodha Trading Account. As we can not trade without adding money in the trading account so before start trading one should need to add …

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What Is a Share or Stock?

what is share?

What is a share or stock? It is the most common question asked by a first-time investor. When they think about how people earn money in the stock market. Share is a type of security that represents the ownership of the issuing company. Companies divide their capital into shares to …

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Upstox Review


Upstox Review: Upstox was previously known as RKSV securities is the fastest growing online discount broker after Zerodha. RKSV was founded by Mr. Ravi Kumar and Shrini Vishwanath in May 2011. RKSV was the first company to introduce an unlimited trading plan at a fixed price. Account Opening Charge & …

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Sharekhan Review

sharekhan review

Sharekhan Review: Founded in 2000 Sharekhan was the first Online stock trading company of India started by SSKI Group, provider of India based investment banking and finance service. In November 2016 Sharekhan is acquired by BNP Paribas therefore now it is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas. ShareKhan is one of …

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Angel Broking Review

angel broking review

Angel Broking has emerged as one of the top 10 retail Stock broking companies in India. Incorporated in 1987, They have a presence in Pan India with 9000+ outlets including 8500+ Sub – brokers serving 10,00,000+ customers across 1000+ cities. Angel Broking has memberships on NSE, BSE and the two …

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