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How You Can Become Smart Trader In Stock Market

In the Indian Stock market maximum new trader lost their money in the stock market due to wrong trading advice or due to wrong decision.

It is important one should trade in the market like professional. I am going to point out some important points by which you can become best trader in the stock market

  1. Always start with the logical thinking, Concentrate on what is important and enter in the market with a trading plan before start trading.
  2. Always keep your plan in your mind and follow that strictly.
  3. Before making an action buy or sell. Just take all news & ideas  in your mind  about that company, where you are going to invest.
  4. The person in contact with you should never know you are winning or loosing.
  5. if you are satisfies with the current position of the securities, you can go for buy or sell the stock. But as a long term investor. You should make it a habit of to view the stock portfolio time to time.

When you can take Risk in the Stock Market

As we have to choose good path in the life same is applicable to stock market always keep in mind harder path is right path just apply this while you are trading in the stock market.

  1. If  it is easy to sell, then don’t sell. and if it is easy to buy then don’t buy.
  2. Do that types of trading which is harder to do and that which may find objectionable.
  3. When you think this is right time to take risk just go ahead and do it.
  4. Keep the frequency of taking Risk to minimum and don’t make it habit.


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