How to Trade offline In Angel Broking

Angel broking is one of the Largest Broking Firms In India they having more then 7,50,000 Investor in India and abroad with Angel broking client having two option for trading they can trade online or offline. In india maximum Investor trade offline only 30% investor trade online. In Angel broking with the New account client get both online and offline account. Client can trade offline or online as they wish

For online trading client have five platform for the trading including Angel Diet, Angel trade , Angel Investor, Angel Lite and Angel Swift ( Mobile base Trading ) To know more About these trading Platform click here

For Offline trading in Angel Broking you can trade by dialling Angel Broking Local Office number or to the dealer/Relationship Manager assigned to you of the Angel broking, there dedicated dealers is always ready to execute your order instantly . There is no extra cost for this service . It is absolutely free service by Angel broking. But you will cost local phone charge by your phone network operator.

Benefit Of offline Trading in the Angel Broking

  • There is no risk for the Investor becauseĀ  They record all conversation between dealers and Investor for the future claim.
  • No extra cost for this service by Angel Broking
  • Not need to stay in the que called directly to the dealers


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