15 Best & Popular Broking Firms In India

Indian Capital Market is One of the oldest stock market in Asia. In India broking firms primarily work as agents for buying and selling of stocks and other financial instruments and take commission for each transactions done by the them. Right now Indian brokerage market going through wonderful phase with high growth rate. In Indian

What Is Investment?

Investment is a way which makes your money works for you. It is not just about keeping your money into your Saving Accounts. It’s all about growing of your money with time. IT’S A LONG TERM ACTIVITY When you start investing you buy Shares, Mutual Funds, Gold, or in Real Estate it takes time to

5 pointers to keep you financially healthy, always

Everyone has a dream. We all want to be wealthy when we hang up our boots. Reality strikes when we are reminded of our responsibilities. In the financial world, we need to be financially responsible before we realize our dreams. Some key differences that need to be kept in mind while planning your finances. TIME:

Leading Discount Brokerage Firm In India

Discount Brokerage is very fastly growing in the India. Discount brokers are providing less number of services but they provide cheapest brokerage to their client with respect of the full service brokerage. Discount broker suitable for that client who does trades in high volume, they can reduce their brokerage charge as discount broker is charging

How to select a broker – Full Service or Discount Broker?

The very old saying – “Necessity is mother of all Inventions” can be modified a bit today to read as necessity is mother of all improvisation in products. As in any sector the various players stay in their comfort zone till going is good but product innovation begins as soon as overall volume/margin comes under

How to Find Value in Various Discount Broking Concept

Discount broking came as a boon for traders and thanks to Zerodha for introducing it to us. Two years ago choosing  an online broker was easy, Zerodha offer was way above the rest and most of us picked them as our first choice. Today, off course, there are many competing to secure some space in

How to Do Stock Analysis Yourself ?

The Most Challenge part of investment is doing the Stock  analysis. Researching a corporation needs  to uncover important data of a few company and decide that which stocks to sell or  Buy. Let us undergo through number of ways that to search out important data a few company: SEBI Filings – Corporations have to be compelled to report

How To Become A Professional Trader

Without Risk You can’not become a Professional Trader. It has very high risk of loosing money, without proper trading strategies you can not make money by trading in stock market . You can learn trading process very easily but without having necessary natural talent in you , you can not become a professional trader. If you Still want to become

Students Guide to renting Apartments in Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR is home to many premier educational institutes where people from across the globe come to extract the knowledge from some of the best scholars. The prerequisite to post admission in your dream college is to look for a shelter to settle down. Bing new to the city, you would always feel like staying

Safety Tips for Single Women Renters

Safety Tips for Single Women Renters: Crime inflicts irrespective of gender and age. It comes as a surprise and screws you when you least expect it. Taking into consideration the current scenario crime on women is on the rise. Women now are no longer confined to the comfort of their home. Due to education, job

Neighbourhood Checklist – Before you buy a apartment

6-Point Neighbourhood Checklist – Before you buy a luxury apartment! The locality of your house has great impact on the well-being and happiness of your family. In most cases, home buyers pay a premium because they love the location for its peace and security. A neighbourhood and its average apartment quality usually conform to each

Want to put your Bangalore house on Rent

Want to put your Bangalore house on Rent Go for Company Lets Setting a house on rent can be a very emotional decision for various property owners. They tend to get sick thinking of the type of tenants they might get, how would they handle the property, will they pay on time?And so on. However,

Long Term Vs. Short term: The best choice for real estate investors

The Union Budget of the year 2014 brought stability and signs of improvement in India’s real estate market. It opened doors for a safe property investments in almost all states of India. While volatility is a common thing in nearly every state, Pune market has shown a constant stability. According to Insite, a quarterly report

A 5 Step Guide To Buying a Flat in Bangalore With Ease

Making an investment in the Bangalore property market is definitely can be a good call, but caution is required while concluding to fetch good returns from the asset made. First-time home buyers in a place like Bangalore can witness really bad hard times choosing the best as there are a lot of options in the

Objective Or, Purpose Of Investment

Purpose or Objective of investment depend upon the aim and need of the people and it would be different for different person. With a proper planning by choosing proper investment options as per your need you can achieve most of your life’s aim. Generally one person would invest with many or one of the following

Tips For Childproofing Your Home

No house that has children living inside it can escape from the inevitable mess that normally accompanies children. Once a baby starts to learn how to crawl, your house will never be the same again. Before you even start worrying about the mess that children make and before your child get to that crawling stage,