15 Popular & Best Broking Firms In India

Indian Capital Market is One of the oldest stock market in Asia. In India broking firms primarily work as agents for buying and selling of stocks and other financial instruments and take commission for each transactions done by the them. Right now Indian brokerage market going through wonderful phase with high growth rate. In Indian

Account opening fee & Brokerage Of Axis Direct

Axis Securities and Sales Ltd. in the year 2010 when Axis Bank decided to foray into Retail Broking through Axis Sales Limited. The Company has obtained necessary approvals from SEBI, BSE and NSE in the following segments: BSE: Capital Market Segment and Derivatives Segment (Trading Member and Clearing Member). NSE: Capital Market Segment; Derivatives Segment

What is the right age for investing ?

According to me when a person is old enough to get an understanding of his personal finances then he has definitely acquired that right age for investing . It is always advised that learning anything new is easier during younger age. Similarly learning investment strategies at a younger age is more profitable and easier. But

Steps To Become a Smart Investor

Investments are profitable when they are planned efficiently and smartly. People who are basking in glory of wealth are the ones who have made investment judiciously. Those who are not that wise to plan their investments should not proceed without any professional guidance. Let us look at 6 steps to become a smart investor that

Account opening Fee & Brokerage of India Infoline (IIFL)

India Infoline was co founded by Mr. R. Venkatraman & Mr. Nirmal Jain on October 1995 with a mission to provide one stop financial services. India Infoline Limited offers a gamut of services including broking, financing, financial product distribution, wealth and asset management, institutional equities, investment banking, realty and property advisory services through its various

Should you trade or invest in shares ?

Investing in stock market is entirely a personal issue. This platform is charms the investors due to easy money that can be made through this market. But it is also a place of losing huge amount. The untrained beginners tend to take this trading market lightly. They are unaware of the cons of this market.

Bank Promoted Stock Brokers In India

I receive Many inquiry through readers of ShareGyaan which bank is best to open a DEMAT account for share trading. So after a long time I have decided to write this article which will help you in choosing a bank for share trading and for investment in other financial instruments like commodities, mutual fund, IPO

Why do people lose money in stock market ?

Stock market is a platform where economic transaction takes place between buyers and sellers of stocks. It is also known as equity market. It attracts traders as it enables them to make huge money in shorter duration. This is only one side of the coin. This market is also a medium of losing large amount

Smart City Project: An All-Inclusive Guide to the Ambitious Scheme

Have you ever thought of living in a technologically advanced, clean, and friendly city? If so, then your dream may very soon become a reality. The introduction of the Smart City project, providing a sustainable and livable environment for their citizens, takes you a step closer to achieving a better standard of living and contributes

Students Guide to renting Apartments in Delhi NCR

Delhi NCR is home to many premier educational institutes where people from across the globe come to extract the knowledge from some of the best scholars. The prerequisite to post admission in your dream college is to look for a shelter to settle down. Bing new to the city, you would always feel like staying